Information technology for schools

​​This page includes guidance for schools on information technology, computers, software and internet.

Teacher and principal notebook program

This program provides computer notebooks to schools, who assign them to eligible teachers and principal class employees.

Teacher and Principal eligibility

To be eligible to receive a notebook, teachers and principals must:

  • be a teacher or principal class employee;
  • be registered on the central payroll; and
  • work a time fraction greater or equivalent to 0.4 full-time equivalent (FTE)

During a tranche or provisioning cycle, the eduSTAR.TPN team calculates the number of eligible participants based on:

  • the number of eligible teacher and principal class employees less the number of existing program or school-provisioned notebooks; and
  • allocated notebooks or allowances that have reached the end of the provisioning cycle and remain within the school's allocation.

Program provisioning

The Program offers two provisioning options, these being:

  • Program-provisioned notebooks: These are acquired and owned by the Department and include the Standard provision (Windows) and VCE Apple notebooks.
  • School-provisioned notebooks (subsided by a program allowance): are acquired by schools opting for an Alternate provision (Enhanced Windows or Apple Allowance).

Apple notebooks

Teachers delivering approved VCE subjects can be nominated to receive VCE Apple notebooks. These subjects have a direct pathway into industries where Apple computers are widely used.

To be eligible the staff member must:

  • Teach in a secondary school
  • Meet the eligibility requirements of the program
  • Deliver one of the following VCE studies:
    • VCE Art
    • VCE Studio Art
    • VCE Visual Communication Design
    • VCE Media
    • VCE Music Performance
    • VCE Music Investigation
    • VCE Music Style and Composition
    • VCE VET Creative and Digital Media
    • VCE VET Music Industry - Music Performance and Sound Production
    • VCE VET Applied Fashion Design and Technology


Program-provisioned notebooks are owned by the Department and allocated to schools, as the custodian, who provide the notebooks to eligible Program participants for their use whilst they are working at that school.  When the participant leaves that school (whatever the reason), the notebook must remain at the school for reallocation.

As the custodian of the notebook, the school is to maintain:

  • Notebooks in a good working order, using the provided warranty and insurance.
  • Accurate asset management information and update the Program's central notebook management tool upon any change in allocation.


The program plans to have two provisioning cycles (known as Tranches) each year with notebooks or allowances provisioned to schools for 48-months.

Get advice

For more information about the program, contact or 1800 641 943.

Technical support to schools

Schools are responsible for their overall technical support. The Department helps schools  support their IT environment through the eduSTAR.TSS program (Technical support to schools).

The program engages almost 700 specialist technicians to provide onsite technical support across all Victorian Government schools.

More information, including what's covered and preferred suppliers, is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: Technical support to schools


There are companies that supply specialist technicians to schools around the state. The panels include:

Vacancies under this program will be offered to these panels.

School internet, email and filtering

eduSTAR.ISP is the government’s internet provider to schools. The service includes filtering, email and reporting.

Internet management tools are on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see:

Remote access

Remote access to school systems is only available to:

  • principals
  • school business managers
  • school finance liaison officers
  • specialist technicians
  • CASES21 administrators.

Application forms and setup information is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: Secure remote access service


Information about software available to schools, and how to purchase extra software, is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see:

Computers and devices

You can purchase new IT hardware for your school through the Department's purchasing panel. For some programs this is mandatory.

Information on how to place an order is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see:

ICT Leasing facility

Schools can lease ICT equipment through the Department’s ICT Leasing Facility agreement. Log into the intranet first, then see:

ICT school planning

A school's ICT plan sets out an approach to:

  • integrating technology into teaching and learning to improve student outcomes
  • making informed purchases and providing appropriate support for equipment and software.

Guidance on creating and reviewing an ICT plan is on our intranet. Log into the intranet first, then see: ICT school planning

Census of computers in schools

This census measures the computer-to-student ratio in schools and assists with allocating equipment. For previous census data, see: Census of computers in schools

Acceptable use policy

This policy applies to all users of the Department's ICT resources. For the full policy, see: Acceptable use policy for ICT systems