Support for cleaning contractors

​​​​​Support is available to cleaning contractors who are impacted by changes to school cleaning arrangements. This is known as the practical support program.

The program assists cleaning contractors to:

  • redevelop their existing business
  • transition into other opportunities.

Employment in the new model

Staff cleaning Melbourne schools under previous agreements were given the opportunity to register their interest in working for the successful tenderers under the new system. That registration has now closed.

Thank you to those that registered; your details have been provided to the new service providers.

If you are still interested in employment in the new model, or have any further questions, contact the service provider directly.

Ongoing support available

Ongoing support is available to all cleaning contractors affected by the new area-based cleaning model for Melbourne metropolitan schools.

Support is free and all mentoring and wellbeing support services are strictly confidential. It is designed to help you prepare to redevelop your business or move on to other opportunities, and includes:

  • private business mentoring sessions
  • formal training
  • career and well-being support.

Private business mentoring

Private business mentoring is available now from the Small Business Mentoring Service.

Refer to the voucher code and instructions sent to you by email. If you have not received an email, contact us on or phone 1300 842 754.

An experienced mentor will support you and your family to:

  • discuss and plan to reduce the impact to your business
  • start financial planning and budgeting, including identifying financial support options
  • create marketing plans and strategies to attract new customers, or move the business to new markets
  • help you choose the best options for the future of your business.

The mentors have advised companies in similar situations and will offer confidential mentoring face-to-face or electronically.

Business development workshops

A series of workshops were held in early 2018. These were also supported by private mentoring sessions to help in implementing what was taught in the workshop.

No further workshops are planned at this time.

Training package

If you are interested in taking up an area manager or supervisory position in the new model for metropolitan schools, you may wish to complete formal training.

You can enrol in a training skill set module from the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management to support your application for positions in the new model. Generally, this skill set takes approximately five months to complete.

Those interested can also enrol in the complete Certificate IV in Cleaning Management. The full course normally takes nine to twelve months.

To enrol, please call our training partners, Daniels Associates.

Career support

Career coaching, including help with job application writing, is available for cleaning contractors affected by the new Melbourne metropolitan area-based model.

Contact New View Psychology on 1300 830 687 quoting DET.

Wellbeing support

New View Psychology also offers personal support either face-to-face or over the phone. This service is free, professional and strictly confidential, and available on 1300 830 687.

Quote DET to organise this assistance.

Wage review program

The Department is reviewing the remuneration of Victorian government school cleaners both before and after the implementation of the new cleaning model in Melbourne schools.

Cleaners are able to complete a short survey to identify any issues with their pay. School cleaners wishing to participate in the survey can call the Wage Review Program helpline at (03) 9667 5048.