Cleaning regional schools

Regional school councils now use the eduClean system to engage contract cleaners through our contract cleaning panel.

Cleaners on this panel have satisfied certain criteria, including:

  • high cleaning standards
  • current working with children checks
  • high standards of occupational health and safety
  • correct payment of wages and entitlements to employees.

Find an approved contractor

Use the eduClean user guide for instructions on finding an approved cleaning contractor. eduMail login is required.

Apply to be on the regional cleaning panel

Cleaning companies must have approved panel status before seeking to clean Victorian government schools.

Complete a panel application form to apply for panel status.

The application form is different, depending on whether the prospective cleaning company operates as a proprietor or sole trader (as an owner operator), or has employees contracted to the company.

Refer to the guide on how to apply for panel status (docx - 1.14mb) and gain access to eduClean.

Only applications that intend to clean regional schools can be accepted. Metropolitan schools have a separate cleaning model.

About eduClean

eduClean is the our contract management software system. It makes it easier for schools and cleaning contractors to comply with and manage their school cleaning contracts.

eduClean provides schools with:

  • a tool to engage approved cleaning contractors
  • a tool to submit performance reviews on cleaning contractors
  • the ability upload and store contract data information
  • the ability modify contracts such as extensions, variation and terminations.

eduClean requires cleaning contractors to submit annual audits to ensure that the relevant award rates, industrial minimums and Department regulations are adhered to. eduClean also provides cleaning contractors with access to view individual school performance reviews as a tool to manage their school cleaning contracts and ensure a high standard of cleaning.