Cleaning metropolitan Melbourne schools

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Information for school cleaning contracts at metropolitan Melbourne schools.

The new Melbourne metropolitan area-based model for school cleaning started on 1 July 2018.

Area-based cleaning contracts

Under the new cleaning model, individual cleaning companies are awarded a contract to service all the government schools within a particular metropolitan area:

  • Southern Melbourne: Menzies Facility Services
  • Outer eastern Melbourne: Tradeflex
  • Hume Moreland: Menzies Facility Services
  • Brimbank Melton: Facilities First Australia
  • Western Melbourne: ISS Facility Services
  • Inner eastern Melbourne: Spotless Integrated Facilities Services
  • North eastern Melbourne: ISS Facility Services
  • Bayside Peninsula: Spotless Integrated Facilities Services

The new cleaning model

The new approach ensures cleaning staff receive fair working conditions and industry standard pay and entitlements. It follows multiple investigations that found vulnerable staff were being underpaid and mistreated in this industry.

The model provides schools with high-quality cleaning services, supported by school-specific performance standards and ongoing audits and reporting.

Our priority is to ensure schools are safe and healthy with quality and consistent cleaning, as well as that service providers are fully compliant with workplace laws and safety standards.

The new agreements include specific standards for the quality and frequency of cleaning.  These are outlined in the attachments below. We developed the standards in consultation with a group of principals and school business managers, and they are now consistent with industry benchmarks.

Every school is different, so each cleaning service provider will agree an individual cleaning services plan with your principal (if they haven’t done so already). This specifies how those standards apply to your school.

The new contracts are not based on hours spent cleaning, but on getting the right standard of cleanliness. Service providers must meet the standards set and allocate sufficient resources to do so.

Service providers have also set up a simple process for schools to raise issues.

Working with your new cleaning team

If you have a cleaning issue, speak with your local team (your cleaners and their supervisor) first.

It’s important you work with them to build a productive working relationship.

If the issue continues or occurs frequently, then you can raise it through your service provider’s 24-hour contact centre. It's there to help you with any problems.

We will be notified as soon as you raise an issue with the contact centre. Principals have been sent these contact details and they are also available on the Intranet (edumail login required)

Information for cleaning staff and service providers

Service providers are required to onboard current cleaning staff, where appropriate, to assist with the transition to the new model. If school cleaners need assistance getting in contact with the relevant service provider they may contact the Departments cleaning unit directly.

We have also been providing business development, training and other support to cleaning contractors who are impacted by changes to school cleaning arrangements.

Get advice

Access more detail and practical information about the reforms on the Intranet (edumail login required)

Ministerial order

On 30 April 2018, the Minister signed Ministerial Order No. 1127 which means that Melbourne metropolitan government school councils must provide school cleaning in accordance with our approved cleaning arrangements, from 1 July 2018.

Secretary's policy

The school cleaning reforms - secretary’s policy (docx - 86.79kb) includes guidance to school councils on the way school cleaning is to be delivered.