School staff survey

The School Staff Survey will be open for all staff in Victorian Government schools from 27 August to 16 September 2018.

DET staff who would like to find out more about the survey and access the support materials, see: School Staff Survey

Each year, approximately 75 per cent of Government School staff take part in the survey which focuses on areas of school climate shown through research to have a strong effect on student outcomes. School participation in the survey is mandatory (except for schools of two staff or less), however staff participation is voluntary.

In 2018, the School Climate, Teaching and Learning and School Leadership modules are mandatory for all schools to complete.

Principals also have the opportunity to elect for their staff to complete the following additional modules:

  • Staff Safety and Wellbeing and/or
  • Professional Learning

The School Staff Survey acknowledges that all staff have responsibility for ensuring their school meets the needs of its students. All staff members, including teaching and non-teaching staff, full and part-time, have the opportunity to participate.

The School Staff Survey:

  • is a means to facilitate school staff in thinking about ways to enhance their work and ultimately student outcomes.
  • incorporates current research on what matters most to student success and is designed to improve student engagement and learning, as well as school climate.
  • comprises a series of components (factors) with strong research evidence indicating their positive impact on student learning outcomes.
  • consists of five modules - School Climate, School Leadership, Professional Learning, Staff Safety and Wellbeing, and Teaching and Learning.