Parent opinion survey

The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted with a sample of randomly selected parents at each school.

The Parent Opinion Survey seeks parent opinion on measures of school climate, student engagement and effective teaching practice known to influence student engagement and student outcomes.

The survey is aligned with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and the Attitudes to School Survey. Schools use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

2019 survey

The 2019 parent Opinion Survey will run from 22 July to 11 August 2019.

The 2019 survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 22 July to Sunday 11 August 2019.

What is required from my school to participate in the online survey?

ORIMA Research Pty Ltd has been contracted by the Department to administer the online collection of the Parent Opinion Survey with all schools in 2019.

Survey administration

The survey is administered from a secure online survey portal to provide the following benefits to schools and parents:

  • schools will receive survey information and logins from ORIMA on 15 July 2019. This is the same portal that schools used for the Attitudes to School Survey
  • the link will provide access to a secure administration site for your school on the survey portal
  • the nominated administrator will interact with the survey portal on behalf of the school
  • the administrator's role is to generate the parent sample using CASES21 and distribute the unique school survey link to the random sample of parents selected to complete the survey
  • schools will be able to access their own survey results from the portal, shortening the turn-around time on survey results
  • schools are no longer required to manage and return paper data forms.

School support

ORIMA Research will provide support for schools throughout the survey period from Monday 15 July to the end of August. Administrators will be supported through a telephone and email helpline, as well as detailed step by step guides available from the portal or by emailing:

Survey completion by parents

  • the school will provide parents with the survey link in a secure manner
  • parents log-in to the secure site and complete the survey online
  • parents can complete the survey from any device connected to the internet at a time convenient to them during the survey period.

Communication to parents

Participation in the Parent Opinion Survey is compulsory for all schools. Schools can access sample newsletter text from the secure survey portal.

For a copy of the sample text for the school newsletter as well as a guide to the random sample instruction, see:

2018 results

For a snapshot of key findings from the 2018 Parent Opinion Survey, see:


If you have queries, email: