School performance information

​School leaders can access school performance information from:

  • Panorama

  • the School Information Portal

  • the School Performance Reports website. 


Panorama supports your school in identifying strengths and potential areas for improvement through its interactive dashboards and reports. Dynamic views of school achievement, wellbeing and engagement measures over time, along with similar school comparisons are provided. Panorama also links to related tools and resources to assist with improvement in schools.


Requires principal login and password

School Information Portal

The School Information Portal is a central access point for school data and is available to the Principal Class and authorised Regional and Central staff.

Authorised users can access the Portal via the school administration network. The Portal provides access to school data and flexibility in how information is viewed, used and shared to support planning and evaluation.

School Information Portal
Requires principal login and password

 The Portal provides:

  • ​School summary report
  • School profile
  • Enrolments and projections
  • Student family occupation
  • English online interview
  • NAPLAN, NAPLAN relative growth
  • ​VCE, VCAL
  • ​Attendance
  • Attitudes to school survey (students)
  • ​School entrant health questionnaire
  • School resource indicators
  • School Staff Survey results
  • ​School financial data
  • Parent Opinion Survey results.

School Performance Reports website

This site is available to Principals and Assistant Principals. To access the website, see:

School Performance Reports
Requires principal login and password

This website provides:

  • annual reports including intake adjusted charts
  • supplementary school data reports
  • school performance against threshold standards
  • parent opinion survey comments and campus reports
  • PSD reports (as of 2014)​
  • School Staff Survey campus reports.

More information

Schools experiencing difficulties loading end of year school performance data into CASES 21 should contact the CASES 21 team on 1800 641 943.

For School Information Portal technical or access issues, please contact​ 

Should you have any further queries regarding school performance data, please contact: