Improvement cycle

​The Improvement Cycle uses an evidence-based model that helps schools to implement a more effective continuous Improvement Cycle.     

This will allow teachers, school leadership teams and school improvement teams to focus on better outcomes for our students.     

Schools will use the Improvement Cycle to:

  • self-evaluate
  • review and diagnose areas that require attention
  • plan for improvement
  • report to their communities on their activities, outcomes and plan for improvement​. 

Stages of the improvement cycle


  • Evaluate and diagnose​ their performance successes and challenges around their key improvement initiatives and strategies
  • Prioritise and set goals​ for improvement strategies and initiatives that have the greatest impact on student learning
  • Develop and plan​  their improvement strategies and initiatives to ensure successful implementation
  • Implement and monitor their selected improvement strategies and initiatives and the impact these have on student learning

About the improvement cycle

The Improvement Cycle will help guide principals and school leaders to:

  • combine robust evidence with effective inquiry processes and external 'challenge partners' (where principals and teachers collaborate and share successful practice)
  • highlight the school's areas of strength and the areas of existing practice that need improving 
  • plan the right improvement strategies.

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