Prioritise and set goals

After the eval​uation and diagnosis phase is complete, schools then prioritise and confirm the main areas that require improvement.

This positions the school to select one or two high-impact Improvement Initiatives that will focus on their specific needs and enhance their current efforts and achievements.

Schools then set goals aligned to the school's priorities.


Schools will generally prioritise the areas that the evaluation and diagnosis identified as needing improvement. Selecting priorities is based upon:

  • collected evidence related to outcomes in the school
  • feedback from its students and parents
  • strategic opportunities for development.

Set goals

Schools then set goals that are aligned to their priorities. Goals will:

  • suit the specific context and current level of practice
  • be clear about what success or impact looks like
  • establish indicators to measure improvement
  • specify Improvement Measures, and typically refer to both measures of professional practice and their expected effect on student outcomes.

School strategic planning

School strategic planning is the process of reflecting on past performance, establishing future vision and directions and deciding what success means. It involves and engages the school community considering these questions:

  • where have we been and where are we now?
  • what is the impact of our past efforts?
  • what is the data telling us?
  • where do we want to go?
  • how will we get there?
  • how will we know if we have been successful?

A School Strategic Plan (SSP) is a one-page, high level, school-based plan that: 

  • is based on data/evidence
  • outlines the school’s vision, goals and targets, and the key improvement strategies that will help it achieve those goals and targets.
  • focuses on one or two evidence-based Improvement Initiatives known to have an impact on student outcomes
  • is sensitive to local needs.

The SSP is informed by the school’s self-evaluation and the school review’s key findings.

For more information and resources see strategic planning  (edumail login and password required)