Develop and plan

In this phase of the Improvement Cycle, schools develop and plan their school improvement strategies through annual implementation planning. Schools identify what they will do (including specific improvement strategies and initiatives), how, when and by whom and what success looks like.

Schools should develop and plan by:

  • planning and developing improvement strategies and initiatives from the Improvement Model  and the evidence base
  • determining specific actions and methods
  • determining roles and responsibilities
  • developing a whole-school teaching and learning program
  • agreeing and communicating their plan/s.​

Annual implementation planning

Aligned to the school strategic planning process, annual implementation planning elaborates on how key improvement strategies and other significant projects will be put into operation, monitored and evaluated.

In the Annual Implementation Plan: for Improving Student Outcomes (AIP) schools develop a detailed plan encompassing actions, roles, responsibilities, timelines and success criteria for the next 12 months, leading to the achievement of the four-year goals.

Principals, with their leadership teams, staff and school community, develop this plan considering the full pool of resources (human, financial etc.) available through their Student Resource Package (SRP). ​

For more information and resources on the Annual Implementation Plan, see: Annual Implementation Plan (edumail login and password required)