February school census collections

​Four data collections are conducted in February and March.

Dates for the collections in the current year can be found under the heading for each collection.

Student enrolment census

Schools must use the CASES21 census application to complete the February Student enrolment census by Friday 28 February 2020.

Schools should familiarise themselves with the documentation available under guidelines for completing the census. See Census advice and assistance.

Key information to help schools prepare for the census and complete it correctly will be provided at the start of Term 1.  It will include a census process checklist to prompt schools of processes to follow in preparing for, processing and signing off the school census return.

Teacher recruitment difficulty census

Schools must complete the Teacher recruitment difficulty census by Friday 7 March 2020.

Complete the Teacher recruitment difficulty census Edumail account required

The census asks schools:

  • whether they employed teaching staff in the reference period for the current school year
  • whether they experienced difficulties recruiting teaching staff during the reference period
  • the subject areas that were difficult to recruit teachers for
  • the strategies employed to fill difficult vacancies
  • any subjects schools were forced to drop for want of suitably qualified teachers.

This data enables us to assess more accurately which localities and in which subject or specialist areas schools may be experiencing difficulties recruiting teachers.

We use the data in devising strategies to assist schools to overcome these problems.

Year 9-12 exit destination data

Schools with students in years 9-12 must enter and submit the Exit destination data using CASES 21 by 14 March 2020.

Step-by-step instructions are available in the CASES21 administration user guide, chapter 12: exiting students and year 9 to 12 exit destinations. See: CASES21 portal (edumail password required).

Census of computers in schools

The Census of computers in Government schools is completed online using the PRISM portal as part of the annual school ICT self-assessment. The census closes on Friday 24 April 2020.

Your specialist technician will assist you to complete the Census of computers in schools. To access the portal, see:

For further information about the Census of computers consult your school's specialist technician, your regional service delivery manager, or contact the: