Census advice and assistance

The School Policy and Advisory Guide outlines the requirements for schools to maintain up-to-date and accurate records for all students. See: Enrolment

Guidelines for completing the student enrolment census

Guidelines have been prepared to assist schools complete their student enrolment census collections each year in February and August. Schools should refer to the guidelines for information on the eligibility of students for inclusion in the census and SRP funding counts.

These documents have been updated in September 2019. Schools should replace locally held copies of previous versions of these documents.

Census data verification reviews

The census enrolment count in the February student enrolment census is used in the calculation of the Student Resource Package (SRP). The Student Family Occupation (SFO) and Student Family Education (SFE) information provided in the August student enrolment census is used to calculate to social disadvantage component of Equity Funding.

To ensure effective targeting of funds through the SRP, the Department visits a sample of schools each year to verify the accuracy of:

  • enrolment details submitted in the February student enrolment census, and
  • family occupation and parental education data submitted in the August student enrolment census.

The reviews use a pre-determined verification process to identify the accuracy of the data submitted to the Department.

Schools are selected for Enrolment Census Verification and SFOE Data Verification from all regions, based on a risk profile methodology. The sample will include primary, secondary, P-12, language and special schools.

The Census Verification is undertaken during a four-week period in Term 2. The SFOE Data Verification is undertaken in Term 4. Schools selected to undergo verification are notified in writing. A contracted verifier contacts the school to schedule the visit and outline the documentation required. 

Required amendments identified by the verifier in the Enrolment Census Verification will be updated in CASES21 and reflected in the school's SRP allocation.

Nationally consistent student background information

Schools are reminded that they need to ensure that the student background information collected for each student is as complete and accurate as possible.

School enrolment data collected by all Victorian schools helps to inform all levels of Government, including the Commonwealth about important issues such as participation in education by Indigenous students. The accuracy of the data is vital for the Government to gain the true picture of Indigenous students' participation in school education, and for resource allocation purposes.

Information on indigenous background, family occupation, parental school and non-school education is collected from Government schools in the August School Census. Schools must ensure information is kept up-to-date and is as accurate as possible prior to submitting the Student Enrolment Census held in August.

Updating school profile and contact information

Schools must ensure that they maintain up to date school profile and contact information on CASES21. Updated entries in CASES21 are transmitted centrally to the Department.

For more information, see:

For assistance

For general queries or if you are unable to send the Student Enrolment Census return by the close of business on the due date, please contact the Census Hotline on (03) 7022 0359, fax: (03) 9637 2830 or email: census@edumail.vic.gov.au

For any queries regarding visa subclasses please call International Education Division on (03) 9637 2990.

A guide for fee payments and exemptions is available to assist schools in supporting international students. The document also includes a frequently asked questions section, which also clarifies visa-recording responsibilities of schools.

To access the International Student Visa Fee Table, see: International Students Program: School Accreditation