Program for Students with Disabilities Levels 1-6 (Reference 15)

Schools receive funding for students currently eligible for the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) at one of six levels, informed by the responses provided to the Educational Needs Questionnaire.

The allocation of level 1-6 Program for Students with Disabilities funding provides schools with greater flexibility within their SRP to support students.

Supports may include:

  • teaching staff
  • specialist staff (Special Needs Coordinator, occupational therapist, speech pathologists)
  • consultancy or professional development​
  • specialist equipment or materials
  • education support staff
  • associated payroll tax
  • superannuation

PSD resources assist schools to meet their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act; they do not define or limit the support provided by a school for a student with a disability. It is the responsibility of the school, in consultation with parents/carers/guardians in the Student Support Group, to determine the specific nature of the support required.

Calculation details

PSD resources are allocated based on up-to-date enrolment information provided by schools via the Program for Students with Disabilities Management System (PSDMS) prior to budget-critical dates each term.

Principals must ensure all students eligible for the  PSD are listed on PSDMS prior to these critical dates. Enrolment details for new students, or current students not listed on PSDMS, must be promptly uploaded from CASES21 and registered in PSDMS.

PSD resources are allocated on a pro-rata basis according to enrolment details recorded in PSDMS at the start of each term. Where a student transfers during the school year, resources remaining for the year will be adjusted and made available to the new school from the commencement of the next school term (pending registration of enrolment details on PSDMS). The Student Resource Package will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each term (as required).

Where agreement has been reached that a student is enrolled and attends two schools, the allocation will be provided on a pro-rata basis consistent with the enrolment details contained in CASES21 and registered on PSDMS. ​

Rates - 2020

Program for Students with Disabilities rates

  • Level 1 credit: $7,638
  • Level 2 credit: $17,663
  • Level 3 credit: $27,882
  • Level 4 credit: $38,052
  • Level 5 credit: $48,146
  • Level 6 credit: $58,294

Further information

Program for Students with Disabilities - Guidelines for schools​