Refugee and asylum seeker wellbeing supplement (Reference 65)

The Refugee and asylum seeker wellbeing supplement recognises that the wellbeing needs of students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds are complex and varied, and that schools require additional support to cater for these needs.

This funding is to support the improvement of wellbeing services to this high needs cohort of students so they remain engaged and supported during their school years. 


Schools are responsible for using the funds within the guidelines provided by the Department.


Schools do not have to apply for funding. Eligibility will be determined using data from the August School Census, which includes student visa class and information used to identify a student’s likely refugee background.  

How funding is calculated 

The per student amount is based on the set annual funding available and the total number of eligible students in all government schools as at the August School Census.

Therefore, the annual per student amount may vary year to year, depending on the total number of eligible students.   

Once determined by the August School Census data of the preceding year, the funding will remain fixed for the following school year. Funding remains with the school and is not re-allocated if students transfer in or out during the school year.


For 2019, the annual per student amount is $455.32

Further information

For more information about the initiative, including the guidelines for using the funding see School information sheet (pdf - 245.67kb) or contact