MARC/MACC grant (Reference 46)

The total budget for MARC/MACC services includes a credit teacher allocation (see Ref 40) and a cash grant provided to the host school. The cash grant funding incorporates provision for vehicle maintenance, running costs, cab/chassis replacement, insurance and registration.

A MARC ‘box’ replacement program has been introduced and administered by regional offices. Any enquiries concerning ‘box’ replacement should be directed to your regional finance officer.

Rates - 2020

Entitlement for each van type

Maintenance and Running Costs $33.32 cents per km $33.32 cents per km
Registration and Insurance $1,430.17 per annum $1,430.17 per annum
Replacement $7,328.10 per annum  $2,751.33 per annum
Casual Clerical Hours $4,932 per annum      $4,932 per annum