Location indexed funding (Reference 39)

The location index has been calculated for each primary school, secondary college and schools in special settings outside the metropolitan area:

  • distance from Melbourne
  • distance from the nearest provincial centre with more than 20,000 inhabitants and
  • the nearest primary or secondary college, as appropriate, above the rural school size adjustment factor threshold.  Only schools below the thresholds will receive funding for this factor.

Each of these factors has been assigned an equal weighting.


The location index comprises a base allocation for each school plus a per student allocation for eligible primary schools and secondary colleges.  Schools in special settings will also receive location index funding.  

Base allocation + (Location Index × [Student Enrolment] × [Per student Rate])*

* For each school campus there is a single base rate and enrolments are capped at 300 primary and 500 secondary students. 

Rates - 2020



Per Student Rate   $104.11