Annual Contracts and Essential Safety Measures (Reference 36)

The Annual Contracts allocation provides for the routine servicing, inspection, and testing of various items both essential and mandatory. The types of specific tasks that should be undertaken are inspection and servicing for:

  • hygiene requirements (namely, sanitary binds, nappy bins, sharps containers)
  • sewage and water treatments
  • lifts (if required)
  • termite inspections
  • heating (e.g. hot water boilers and gas wall furnaces)
  • air conditioning (if required)
  • vertical school systems (i.e. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

Costs associated with repairs for any of the equipment serviced under this component are funded within the Maintenance portion of the SRP.

The allocation for SRP Annual Contracts includes funding for the servicing of existing air conditioning units at eligible schools. This does not include funding for new air conditioning units.

Essential Safety Measures are fire and life safety items installed or constructed in a building, such as exit lights, fire extinguishers and fire doors. When correctly maintained, ESM support students, staff and visitors to evacuate safely in the event of a fire.

In line with the Department of Education and Training's Essential Safety Measures Framework, schools are required to ensure Essential Safety Measures compliance which includes the inspection, testing, rectification maintenance (if required) and record keeping of essential safety measures.  

Adjustments to the Annual Contracts/Essential Safety Measures allocation will be made on the basis of enrolment/entitlement area or the provision of new equipment.

Funding allocation

The 2020 Annual Contracts and Essential Safety Measures SRP allocation is higher due to the two-year 'maintenance blitz' in schools.

The Annual Contracts and Essential Safety Measures SRP allocation is based on:

  • data of what items each school has;
  • the size of the school; and
  • the cost of the activity as per current market rates. 

Expenditure should be charged to CASES21 Account Code 86500, (Security/Safety/Fire Prevention) Sub Program 6401 - Inspections.

For further information, including how to acquit ESM obligations, see: Essential Safety Measures in schools policy or contact