Maintenance (reference 35)

The formula for Maintenance and Minor Works funding distributes:

  • 50 per cent of the available funds on the basis of areas required for the school’s enrolments (a school’s ‘facility area’)

  • 25 per cent on the type of materials used in the construction of the school buildings

  • 25 per cent on the relative age of those buildings.

Appropriate factors are also applied to cater for the higher costs associated with building works in remote areas.

The formula calculates the facility area for each school, in accordance with the 2018 Facility Schedules that set out the number, type, and area of learning spaces required based on enrolment.

The formula multiplies the actual area of each building by factors for both its building construction material and building age.

The SRP Maintenance and Minor Works grant is paid on a quarterly basis as part of the SRP budget cash grant.

Changes to a schools Maintenance and Minor Works funding allocation between calendar years and /or between indicative and confirmed allocation may have occurred due to:

  • Changes to building data.

  • Changes to enrolment. 

  • Changes in relocatable buildings.  

  • Changes in the state-wide maintenance budget 

Funding allocation

The 2020 SRP Maintenance and Minor Works allocation is higher due to the two-year ‘maintenance blitz’ in schools.

Additionally, the 2018 Facility Area Schedules are incorporated into the 2020 SRP Maintenance calculations. These new schedules aim to better align with contemporary curriculum, requirements for inclusion of students with disabilities and with modern school design and pedagogical practices.

All schools are encouraged to undertake proactive maintenance planning, using all available information, including routine maintenance guides and the results of condition assessments. It is vital that schools use their SRP Maintenance and Minor Works allocation for the active and ongoing maintenance of facilities and to prevent potential health and safety issues.

Schools that have already taken part in the Rolling Facilities Evaluation should be using the School Maintenance Plan portal to plan and schedule maintenance tasks. For further information see School Maintenance Plans.or contact

​Expenditure should be charged to (CASES21 Revenue 70091 Expenditure 86504 Program 620 Sub Program 6201).