Grounds Allowance (Reference 31)

The Grounds Allowance is provided for ground maintenance and improvement. 


Grounds Square Metres x Grounds Allowance Rate

Rates - 2020

Grounds allowance

20 cents per square metre

Additional maintenance blitz: 36 cents per square metre

Funding allocation

The 2020 SRP Grounds Allowance allocation is higher due to the two-year ‘maintenance blitz’ in schools.

SRP Grounds Allowance is provided to schools to ensure the grounds of the school are properly maintained.

The types of specific tasks that should be undertaken include:

  • Lawn mowing

  • Landscaping services

  • Sports field maintenance

  • Tree management

  • Drainage and flooding issues

Schools that have already taken part in the Rolling Facilities Evaluation should be using the School Maintenance Plan portal to plan and schedule maintenance tasks. For further information see School Maintenance Plans.

​Expenditure should be charged to CASES21 Account Code 86505, Grounds Work Sub Program 6050.