Core Index Stages 1-3 (Reference 5)

Specialist schools will be funded for all school aged students attending (full time or part time) by:

  • A specialist school core index allocation based on students’ stages of learning, plus
  • Allocation of level 1-6 Program for Students with Disabilities funding, plus
  • A size adjustment supplementation for schools with school-aged enrolment of less than 45 students.

The specialist school core allocation is explained in this section.

The allocation of level 1-6 Program for Students with Disabilities funding is explained in Program for Students with Disabilities.


Specialist School Core allocations are determined based on regionally approved pro-rata enrolment details recorded in the Program for Students with Disabilities Management System (PSDMS) and established eligibility as at February Census. Rates are applied for each eligible student.

Rates - 2020

StageAge RangeCredit ($)Cash ($)Total ($)
15 to 108,1778078,984
211 to 165,8816676,548
317 to 186,4507137,163


In order for students to be enrolled in a specialist school setting, eligibility needs to be established and regional approval given to enable the allocation of resources.

If it is deemed appropriate, a regional director has the discretion and the authority to approve the enrolment of a student ineligible for the PSD in a specialist school. The approved enrolment in such a circumstance identified prior to the February Census enables core funding to be allocated in the SRP.

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