Small School Base (Reference 3)

A Small School Base is provided to primary schools with less than 80.1 students and secondary colleges with less than 400 students. For multi-site primary schools the Base and Taper is applied for each site.

For primary schools, the base reduces as enrolments increase. For secondary colleges, the base is a flat amount up to 110 enrolments after which it reduces as enrolments increase.

For multi-campus colleges, the Base and Taper is applied for each campus.



[Primary Base] + ([Primary Enrolment] x [Taper])

where primary enrolment is less than 80.1

Note: Taper is negative amount.


[Secondary Base] + ([Secondary Enrolment] - 110) x Taper

where secondary enrolment is less than 400

Note: Taper is negative amount starting when secondary enrolment exceeds 110.


2019 Small Schools Adjustment

          Credit ($) Cash ($) Total ($)
Primary  33,6582,295  35,953
Secondary 146,1628,003154,165

2019 Small Schools Adjustment Taper  



Credit ($)


Cash ($)


Total ($)

Primary -175.00 -12.00-187.00
Secondary -504.02 -27.59-531.61