Enrolment Linked Base (Reference 2)

The enrolment linked base is provided to ensure that all schools - regardless of size - have sufficient resources to operate effectively.

The flat base with taper provides a safety net for small schools where enrolments are insufficient, to generate viable funding. The taper also recognises the economies of scale achievable in larger schools through per student rates

The base is made up of a flat amount, adjusted by way of a per-student taper that reduces the allocation beyond certain thresholds.


Schools with the following campus types are eligible for the Enrolment Linked Base.

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Primary/Secondary combined 


[Base] + ([Enrolment] × [Taper])

  • Refer to the matching school type configuration from the options below.
  • The base is fixed up to an enrolment threshold. Above this level, the per student taper is applied, until the base amount is exhausted.
  • For multi-campus colleges the formula is applied for each campus. To be eligible for multi-campus, each campus must be at least 1km apart.

Rates - 2020

Regular Base

Credit ($) Cash ($) Total ($)
Primary  (incl hub annex)     62,302       3,317      65,619
Secondary     518,906     26,198    545,104
P-9, P-10 and P-12     544,937     30,244    575,181
P-8 (=0.5 x P-12 Base)     272,468.5     15,122    287,590.5
Sec-Split Site (=1.5 x Sec Base)     778,359     39,297    817,656
Split Site P-12 (=1.5 x P-12 Base)     817,405.5     45,366    862,771.5

Regular Enrolment Linked Base Taper


Credit ($)


Cash ($)


Total ($)

Primary Taper >500 Per student reduction -166.45 -8.87-175.32
Secondary and Sec-Split Site Taper >400 Per student reduction -444.62-22.45-467.07
P-8, P-9, P-10, P-12 & Split Site P-12
Use Primary and Secondary taper