Core Student Learning Allocation

The Core Student Learning Allocation is designed to recognise the differing costs associated with different levels of learning, different types and sizes of schools, and the additional costs imposed by rurality and isolation.

The funding items within this section are explained below.



Languages Education replaces Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

Until 2005, supplementary Languages Education funding was included in the Student Resource Package (SRP) as a separate line and identified as LOTE funding.  This funding supplements core SRP funding provided for all curriculum areas, to assist schools in meeting the additional cost associated with delivering languages programs.

From 2006 the separate LOTE funding line was removed and the funding was included in the SRP core per student rates and enrolment linked bases.

The Notional Languages Education report which identifies the pre-2006 supplementary Languages Education funding for your school can be found on the SRP website under the Reports section.