SRP contacts

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Find contact details for general Student Resource Package (SRP) enquiries including regional and program support.

​General SRP enquiries

SRP support

Website: Student Resource Package
Support Calls: Service Gateway

Human Resources

Website: HR Web
Telephone: 1800 641 943

Regional support

See: Regional Offices

Program support


Core Student  Learning Allocation

SRP Support


1800 641 943


Language and Learning Difficulties Support Program

Alan Wilson

7022 2144



SRP Support 

1800 641 943


Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD)

Service Gateway
(‘log a request’ and select ‘PSDMS’)

1800 641 943


EAL Program Funding

Vicky Tsikrikos

7022 1839

School Infrastructure

Contract Cleaning



Annual Contracts and Essential Safety Measures






Atrium system 



Brett Duff

7022 2238



Luke Martin

7022 0417​

School Specific Program

Alternative Programs and Ancillary Settings

Shaan Bedi

7022 2041

Instrumental Music Program

 Regional Office


​Language Assistants

​Vic Pappas​7022 1855

Targeted Initiative

Primary Welfare Officers

Sarah Gorman

 7022 1963


Senior Secondary Re-engagement

Deborah Maher

7022 1905


Career Education Funding (replacing Managed Individual Pathways)

Leela Darvall

7022 1824



Monica Rigby

7022 1896

​Doctors in Secondary schools ​Kellie Luxford​7022 2429
​Refugee and Asylum
​Swimming in Schools​Katherine Minter​7022 0798
​Chaplaincy​Sarah Gorman​7022 1963
​Mental health
​Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy
​The Early Years Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program​7022 1869
​Extended Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program​7022 1869 

Budget Management

 Principal Classification Budget

 Karen Marinkovic

9637 3990


Recruitment On-line

Recruitment Online 

1800 641 943


Workforce Bridging

Liam Fitzgerald 

7022 2222


New Graduate Incentives Program

Teacher Professional Practice 

7022 1221