SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Taxation InspectorC
Taxi DriverD
Teacher of the Hearing ImpairedA
Teacher of the Sight ImpairedA
Teachers’ AideD
Technical Director or ProducerA
Technical WriterB
Telephone Betting ClerkD
Television Equipment OperatorC
Television JournalistB
Television Presenter or CommentatorB
Tennis CoachB
Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine OperatorD
Textile, Clothing or Footwear MechanicC
Theatre or Cinema ManagerB
Therapy Aide or AssistantC
Ticket Collector or UsherD
Ticket SellerD
Timberyard LabourerD
Tobacco GrowerB
Tour GuideC
Tourist Information OfficerC
Train ControllerD
Train DriverD
Train Driver’s AssistantD
Train ExaminerC
Trainee Commissioned Defence Force OfficerA
Trainee Defence Force Member Not Elsewhere IncludedC
Training Officer or Training & Development OfficerB
Tram DriverD
Transport Company ManagerB
Transport ConductorD
Transport Operations InspectorC
Travel Agency ManagerB
Travel AgentC
Travel AttendantsC
Tree FallerD
Tree SurgeonD
Tribunal MemberA
Trolley CollectorD
Truck Driver’s OffsiderD
Trust OfficerC
Typist and Word Processing OperatorD
Tyre Production Machine OperatorD