SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

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Safety InspectorB
Sail MakerC
Sales and Marketing ManagerA
Sales and Service TraineeD
Sales Assistant (Fabric, Clothing and Footwear)D
Sales Assistant (Food and Drink Products)D
Sales Assistant (Other Personal and Household Goods)D
Sales Assistant (Postal Services)D
Sales ClerkC
Sales DemonstratorD
Sales Representative (Builder’s and Plumber’s Supplies)C
Sales Representative (Business Services)C
Sales Representative (Industrial Products)B
Sales Representative (Information and Communication Products)B
Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)B
Sales Representative (Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories)C
Sales Representative (Personal and Household Goods)C
Saw Maker and RepairerC
Sawmill LabourerD
School Principal (Head Master/Head Mistress)A
Screen PrinterC
Script EditorB
Secondary School TeacherA
Secretary or Executive AssistantC
Security AdviserB
Security Officer or GuardD
Senior Fire FighterB
Senior Non-Commissioned Defence Force OfficerB
Service Station Attendant or Driveway AttendantD
Sewing MachinistD
Shearing Shed HandD
Sheep Farmer (Sheep Farmer Manager)B
Sheetmetal Worker (First Class)C
Ship’s Engineer or Marine EngineerA
Ship’s MasterA
Ship’s Officer or Deck OfficerA
Ship’s Surveyor or Marine Engineer SurveyorA
Shop or Store ManagerB
Sign ErectorD
Singer or VocalistB
Small Business Owner / Shop OwnerB
Small Offset PrinterC
Smallgoods MakerC
Social Security AssessorC
Social WorkerA
Software DesignerA
Soil ScientistA
Solid PlastererC
Sound TechnicianC
Special Needs TeacherA
Specialist PhysicianA
Speech PathologistA
Sports AdministratorA
Sports Development OfficerB
Sports Umpire or RefereeB
Stage ManagerA
Statistical ClerkC
Steel FixerC
Sterilisation Technology WorkerD
Stock and Station AgentB
Stock ClerkC
Stockbroking DealerB
Stone Processing Machine OperatorD
Stormwater, Drainage and Sewerage System LabourerD
Street VendorD
Streetsweeper OperatorD
Structural Steel ErectorC
Stud Hand or Stable HandD
Student CounsellorA
Sugar Cane Grower/Farmer ManagerB
Supervisor, Accounting ClerksC
Supervisor, Aircraft Maintenance EngineersC
Supervisor, Automotive ElectriciansC
Supervisor, Bakers and PastrycooksC
Supervisor, Bank WorkersC
Supervisor, Bar AttendantsD
Supervisor, BricklayersC
Supervisor, CabinetmakersC
Supervisor, Carpentry and Joinery TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Chemical Production Machine OperatorsD
Supervisor, Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Plant OperatorsC
Supervisor, Clay, Stone and Concrete Processing Machine OperatorsD
Supervisor, Communications TradespersonsC
Supervisor, DrillersC
Supervisor, Electrical Distribution TradespersonsC
Supervisor, ElectriciansC
Supervisor, Electronic and Office Equipment TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Electronic Instrument TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Engineering Production Systems WorkersD
Supervisor, Fibrous PlasterersC
Supervisor, Floor FinishersC
Supervisor, Forestry and Logging WorkersD
Supervisor, Forging TradespersonsC
Supervisor, General Fabrication Engineering TradespersonsC
Supervisor, General Mechanical Engineering TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Glass Production Machine OperatorsD
Supervisor, HairdressersC
Supervisor, Insurance ClerksC
Supervisor, Meat TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Metal Casting TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Metal Finishing TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Metal Fitters and MachinistsC
Supervisor, Money Market and Statistical ClerksC
Supervisor, Motor MechanicsC
Supervisor, Other Intermediate Stationary Plant OperatorsD
Supervisor, Painters and DecoratorsC
Supervisor, Panel BeatersC
Supervisor, Plastics Production Machine OperatorsD
Supervisor, PlumbersC
Supervisor, Police OfficersB
Supervisor, Power Generation Plant OperatorsC
Supervisor, Precision Metal TradespersonsC
Supervisor, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning MechanicsC
Supervisor, Roof Slaters and TilersC
Supervisor, Rubber Production Machine OperatorsD
Supervisor, Sewing MachinistsD
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