SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Packager and Container FillerD
Painter (Visual Arts)B
Painter and DecoratorC
Panel BeaterC
Paper Mill OperatorD
Paper Products Machine OperatorD
Park RangerA
Parking InspectorC
Parole or Probation OfficerB
Pastrycook’s AssistantD
Patents ExaminerA
Patternmaker-Grader (Clothing)C
Paving and Surfacing LabourerD
Paving Plant OperatorD
Payroll ClerkC
Personal AssistantC
Personal Care AssistantD
Personnel ConsultantB
Personnel OfficerB
Personnel Records ClerkC
Pest and Weed ControllerC
Petroleum and Gas Plant OperatorC
Petroleum EngineerA
Photographer’s AssistantC
Photographic Developer and PrinterD
Physical MetallurgistA
Physiotherapist or Physical TherapistA
Piano TunerC
Picture FramerC
Pig Farmer (Pig Farmer Manager)B
Plastic Cablemaking Machine OperatorD
Plastics Compounding and Reclamation Machine OperatorD
Plastics Production Machine OperatorsD
Plumber’s AssistantD
Plumbing Engineering Associate or Engineering TechnicianB
Plumbing InspectorB
Police OfficerB
Policy AnalystA
Policy and Planning ManagerA
Post Office ManagerB
Postal Delivery OfficerC
Postal Sorting OfficerD
Potter or Ceramic ArtistB
Poultry Farmer (Poultry Farmer Manager)B
Poultry Process WorkerD
Power Generation Plant OperatorC
Precision Instrument Maker and RepairerC
Pre-Primary School TeacherA
Pre-School AideD
Pressure WelderC
Primary Products InspectorB
Primary School TeacherA
Print JournalistB
Printer’s AssistantD
Printing MachinistC
Printing Table HandD
Prison OfficerC
Private Investigator or Private Inquiry AgentB
Product AssemblerD
Product ExaminerC
Product GraderC
Product TesterC
Production Assistant (Film, Television or Radio)C
Production Assistant (Theatre)C
Production Manager (Manufacturing)A
Production Manager (Mining) / Mine ManagerA
Production or Plant EngineerA
Production Recording ClerkC
Program Director (Radio or Television)A
Project or Program AdministratorB
Proof ReaderB
Property or Building ManagerB
Prostitute or EscortD
Public Relations Officer or Corporate Affairs OfficerB
Pulp and Paper Mill General HandD
Pulp Mill OperatorD
Purchasing OfficerC