SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Fabric and Textile Factory HandD
Faculty HeadA
Family CounsellorA
Family Day Care WorkerC
Family Support WorkerB
Farm OverseerD
Fashion DesignerB
Fast Food CookD
Fence ErectorD
Fibrous PlastererC
Film and Video EditorA
Finance General ManagerA
Financial Institution Branch ManagerB
Financial Investment AdviserB
Financial Market DealerB
Fire FighterC
Fish Process WorkerD
Fishing HandD
Fitness Centre ManagerB
Fitness InstructorC
Flat Glass TradespersonC
Fleet ManagerB
Flight AttendantC
Flight EngineerA
Flight Service DirectorC
Flight Service OfficerA
Floor FinisherC
Flower Grower (Floriculturist)B
Flying InstructorA
Food and Drink Processing Machine AttendantD
Food Products MillhandD
Food Trades AssistantsD
Footwear Factory HandD
Footwear Production Machine OperatorD
Forester or Forest RangerA
Forestry WorkerD
Forklift DriverD
Freight Handler (Road and Rail)D
Fruit and Nut GrowerB
Fruit and Vegetable Factory HandD
Fruit, Vegetable or Nut Farm HandD
Funeral DirectorB
Furniture FinisherC
Furniture RemovalistD
Furniture UpholstererC
Futures TraderB