SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Earth Science Technical OfficerB
Earthmoving LabourerD
Education OfficerA
Educational PsychologistA
Electorate OfficerA
Electrical EngineerA
Electrical Engineering Associate/Technical OfficerB
Electrical Engineering TechnicianB
Electrical or Electronics Engineering TechnologistA
Electrical or Telecommunications Trades AssistantD
Electrical Powerline TradespersonC
Electrician (Special Class)C
Electronic Engineering AssociateB
Electronic Engineering TechnicianB
Electronic Equipment TradespersonC
Electronic Instrument Tradesperson (Special Class)C
Electronics EngineerA
Electroplater (First Class)C
Emergency Medicine Specialist or Emergency PhysicianA
Employment Office ClerkC
Engine or Boiler OperatorD
Engineering ManagerA
Engineering Production Process WorkerD
Engineering Production Systems WorkerD
English as a Second Language TeacherA
Enrolled NurseB
Environment, Parks and Land Care ManagerA
Environmental Health OfficerA
Environmental Research ScientistA
Examination SupervisorD
Excavator OperatorD
External AuditorA
Extractive MetallurgistA