SFO and SFE Occupation Code Register

This site will help you find the correct Student Family Occupation (SFO) code that is required to be provided to schools for enrolment purposes. Browse the A to Z occupation listing below and find the correct code for your occupation.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Cable JointerC
Cafe ManagerB
Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)C
Canvas Goods MakerC
Car Park AttendantD
Car Rental Agency ManagerB
Caravan Park and Camping Ground ManagerB
Careers CounsellorA
Carpenter and JoinerC
Carpet CleanerD
Cash Van SalespersonD
Cement and Concrete Plant LabourerD
Cement Production Plant OperatorD
Checkout OperatorD
Checkout SupervisorD
Chemical EngineerA
Chemical Plant LabourerD
Chemical Plant OperatorC
Chemical Production Machine OperatorD
Chemistry Technical OfficerB
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing DirectorA
Child Care Coordinator (Child Care Centre Director/Manager)A
Child Care WorkerC
Child or Youth Residential Care AssistantC
Civil EngineerA
Civil Engineering Associate or Technical OfficerB
Civil Engineering TechnicianB
Civil Engineering TechnologistA
Classified Advertising ClerkD
Clay Processing Factory HandD
Clay Products Machine OperatorD
Clerk of CourtC
Clinical PsychologistA
Club Manager (Licensed Premises)B
Coding ClerkC
Commercial CleanerD
Commissioned Defence Force OfficerA
Commissioned Fire OfficerA
Commissioned Police OfficerA
Commodities Trader or BrokerB
Communications LinespersonC
Community WorkerA
Company SecretaryA
Computer Systems AuditorA
Computing Support TechnicianB
Concrete Batching Plant OperatorD
Concrete Products Machine OperatorD
Concrete Pump OperatorD
Construction AssistantD
Construction Project ManagerA
Construction RiggerC
Corporate General ManagerA
Corporate Treasurer or Financial Risk ManagerA
Cost ClerkC
Council RangerC
Court or Hansard ReporterC
Court OrderlyC
Crane ChaserD
Crane, Hoist or Lift OperatorD
Credit and Loans OfficerB
Credit ClerkC
Crossing SupervisorD
Customer or Client Service ManagerB
Customs InspectorC