Manage conveyance allowance

​​This page includes information for schools to manage finances and claims for the conveyance allowance. For information on the program, eligibility and application forms, see Financial Help with Student Transport


​​You​​​ can use the Student Conveyance Allowance System (SCAS) to:

  • record and submit conveyance allowance application forms
  • access student information from CASES21 and check student eligibility
  • lodge documentation and claims to the Department
  • report payments made to applicants
  • roll forward applications in Term 1 from the previous school year

The system can be used by government and non-government schools.

Get access to the system

You need to complete and submit a user form to be given access to the system:

Email completed SCAS Staff User Details forms to:

User guide and documentation

To determine the family's eligibility for the conveyance allowance, see: Financial help with student transport

Submit claims

Schools must submit conveyance claims to the Department each term using SCAS.

Claim periodClaim submission closing dateEstimated pay run date
Term 4*29/11/2019*
Term 106/03/202020/03/2020
Term 205/06/202019/06/2020
​Term 3​28/08/202011/09/2020
​Term 4​27/11/2020​11/12/2020


A small number of interstate schools, teaching units and English language outposts are unable to be provided with access to SCAS and should continue to use the relevant claim spread sheet. Claim forms can be downloaded, see:

How distance is calculated on SCAS

SCAS uses the student’s home property coordinates and road information in a similar way to GPS devices. SCAS constructs a route between the student’s address and the school attended. The route calculated and displayed should be by all-weather public roads.

SCAS also produces a table showing distances to nearby like schools to assist schools in determining whether the school attended is the student’s nearest. It is possible that the route constructed by SCAS cannot be driven or is incorrect. Evidence is required showing why the system generated distance is incorrect.

The distance of the route does not include private driveways. SCAS uses a similar method to Google maps determine and measure a route, however it determines the shortest route rather than the shortest travel time.

Roll forward applications

The ‘roll forward applications’ feature will copy claim applications in bulk from the previous school year, while incrementing the student’s year level

We recommend schools use the roll forward feature to make the process faster.

The feature cannot be used if the application was not claimable the year before, or for Year 12 students last year or Year 6 students in a primary school last year.

Roll forward cannot be used on new applications. For example, for new students or if the student's circumstances changed.

Step 1: ‘Roll Forward applications’
Action required:
  1. Log into SCAS using your TO or eduweb ID and password:
  2. On the SCAS homepage under the control panel menu, select 'Roll Forward Applications'.
  3. Tick the desired box(es) to select applications from one or more separate year levels or tick 'Select’ for all year levels.
  4. Select ‘Roll Forward’ and SCAS will schedule this process to be executed overnight.

On the next working day, SCAS will have created a new application with the same profile/information from the previous school year. However the year level for the student will be incremented by 1 (one) year from last year.

By default will set the application travel start and travel end dates for the entire school year.

For 2017, the default travel start is 31/01/2017 and travel end is 22/12/2017.

The conveyance allowance payment amounts and/or ticketing costs are updated automatically.

Step 2: Deleting applications

You must delete any applications for students who have been rolled forward to the current school year but have either left the school, or are no longer eligible for a conveyance allowance in the current school year. This will stop conveyance allowance payments for ineligible students.

Action required, delete an application:

  1. On the SCAS home page, select 'Applications Report’ under the control panel.
  2. Locate the application to be deleted, and select ‘Application ID’.
  3. The View Application screen is displayed for the selected application. Select ‘Delete’.
  4. Select ‘Confirm Delete’.
  5. Repeat as required for other applications to be deleted (go back to step 2).
Step 3: Update/import student enrolment data

In order for SCAS to detect any changes that may affect conveyance allowance eligibility:

  • Government schools must ensure that CASES21 (Admin) accurately reflects the current student enrolment details; (that all current student enrolments are shown as active on CASES21).
  • SCAS will subsequently schedule a nightly download of the student enrolment data from CASES21 to SCAS for existing applications. SCAS will subsequently indicate with a number of applications with changes detected.
  • Go to ‘Step 4’ on this page.
  • Non-government schools must import their current student enrolment system data file into SCAS in term 1 of the current school year.
  • The Import student enrolment data feature allows non-government schools to enter and amend student enrolment details in bulk.
  • It is recommended to import student enrolment data for your students at least once each term to maintain the correct/current student enrolment and exit data.
  • Action required (non-government schools):

    1. On the SCAS home page under the control panel menu select 'Import student enrolment data’. The template file will assist you to create your import (.csv) file.
    2. Select ‘template’ link and save the template to your computer.
    3. Open the saved template on your computer and populate the columns with your student data or alternatively schools may be able to extract enrolment data in this file format from your school's enrolment system.
    4. Save the populated template as a .csv file type.
    5. In SCAS, select ‘Browse’, select your .csv file and then ‘Import’.
    6. When the import has been completed, go to ‘Student Import History’ under the control panel menu and check to see if your import has been successful (complete).
    7. If not successful (incomplete), review the error message(s) description and amend your .csv file accordingly.
    8. Import the amended .csv file again until the errors are corrected.

    For 'SCAS import instructions and template (non gov schools only)' see; Import instructions and template (doc - 142kb)

Step 4: Modify any applications which have changes detected

SCAS will indicate the number of applications with 'Changes detected' where applicable. Schools should view the Applications Report under the SCAS control panel to review the applications that may be excluded.

Any applications marked as having 'Changes detected' are automatically excluded in the conveyance allowance claim. Typically changes relate to residential address or transport details.

Applications with 'Changes detected' require modification where the details for a student have changed in order to check for conveyance allowance eligibility.

Action required:

  1. On the SCAS home page, there is a link titled:'Number of applications with changes detected'
  2. If any applications are listed, select the link to view applications which may require attention.

To reduce your search result with current applications, it is recommended that you filter your search:

  1. From the drop-down box ‘Open or ended applications’ select ‘Open’
  2. From the drop-down ‘ Application Change Detected’ select ‘Yes’. If there are no applications listed, there are no changes required.
  3. Select ‘Search’.
  4. Select ‘Application ID’ link.
  5. Select ‘Modify’.
  6. Review the changes and answer the prompts to finish the modification process.
Step 5: Submit your term claim

A claim represents one or many applications made by a school for the payment of a conveyance allowance for a given period.

There are four claim periods with each period corresponding to one of the four terms of the school year. A school must submit a claim four times a year: once in each claim period.

Claim period dates are found on the SCAS welcome screen control panel.

Only a SCAS user with approver access can submit the claim.

Please note: A school can only submit a claim once per term. This should be done just prior to the claim period closing date as any changes or new applications cannot be added after the claim has been submitted for the term.

Action required:

  1. On the SCAS Home page select 'View claim.'
  2. Select 'Submit'.
  3. Tick the box to 'certify' the claim and then 'Submit claim'.

Get advice and training

When school staff submit a new user request they will also be given access to the SCAS training system.  

If you require access to SCAS Training System email: with the subject ‘SCAS training system access’ including your school name and school number. We will then register your request for access and contact you with the relevant details.

Access to SCAS training is required for step-by-step SCAS training exercises, see: SCAS e-learning Course

Further assistance is available for schools via:

SCAS is supported during business hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.