School council meetings

​​​School councils must meet eight times a year and at least once per school term. The president chairs all meetings and all members of the council are expected to attend.

​School council meetings must operate within a quorum. A quorum requires not less than one half of school council members currently holding office to be present at the meeting and the majority of members present must not be Department employees.

Decisions are made by voting and councillors must base their vote solely on the best interest of the students. If a vote is tied, the school council president has a second or casting vote.

School councils must call a public reporting meeting at least once each year and report the proceedings of the council since the date of the previous public meeting. The council must present the endorsed annual report to the meeting and, if the school council accounts have been audited, present a copy of the audited accounts. The public reporting meeting can be held during the year at a time that suits school community and school council activities and commitments.

School council meetings would normally be open to the school community. Visitors or observers can be present at a council meeting with the agreement of the principal and a decision of council. There may be times when, for the purpose of confidentiality or other reasons, a council meeting needs to be closed. The school council determines the need for a closed meeting.

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