List of common permanent records

Retention and disposal of common permanent school records

All schools should refer to the relevant Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) when carrying out disposal actions. Relevant RDAs are PROS 01/01 Schools General Retention and Disposal Authority and PROS 07/01 General Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions available from the Public Record Office Victoria.

Permanent records are maintained in the school until such time as they can be transferred to the Public Record Office Victoria. Please note that this is not a definitive list.

The retention and disposal requirements are:


Student records

Record typeRDA numberComments
Summary enrolments records01/01Pupils registers, Pre-CASES enrolment forms, CASES enrolment database
Final report of student departing in Years 9 to 1201/01 


Financial records

Record typeRDA numberComments
Annual financial statement01/01Pupils registers, Pre-CASES enrolment forms, CASES enrolment database


School administration records

Record typeRDA numberComments
School Council Minutes, agenda and correspondence01/01
Business or strategic plans01/01
School policies01/01
Principal’s diary01/01
Inspectors report book01/01
Building files(Major works)01/01
School photographs01/01
School magazines01/01Includes Year Books
‘Historical’ records01/01