International student program fees, enrolment and accreditation

Schools who teach international students must meet certain standards and accreditation levels. We run an accreditation, quality and review system to make sure international students receive quality education and care.

Fees and enrolment

Whether an international student needs to pay fees depends on the visa they hold. To find out if a student needs to pay, follow:

There are different enrolment procedures depending on whether the student needs to pay. These are included in the student visa fee table guide.

For a copy of the Ministerial Order that specifies the fees to be paid by or on behalf of overseas students enrolled at a government school for the instruction and educational and related services, see:

School accreditation

Schools must be accredited to teach international students who are fee paying and hold a subclass 500 "Schools - Student" visa.

Schools do not need to be accredited to teach fee paying students or temporary residents on other visas.

Once accredited, schools retain this status on an ongoing basis unless they choose to relinquish accreditation.

Schools applying for accreditation as part of the international student program are required to attest that they will comply with all requirements of the quality Standards.

Accreditation can be sought at either level 1 or level 2, depending on the school's circumstances and reason for seeking accreditation.

Level 1 accreditation

In the following instances, Victorian government primary and secondary schools only require level 1 accreditation:

  • The school does not actively market or promote its program or recruit international students. Families of international students approach the school to enrol directly.
  • The school does not provide homestay accommodation and additional welfare services to international students (international students reside with a parent or a Department of Immigration and Border Protection approved relative).

Level 1 accreditation usually applies to most primary schools and to secondary schools where a family residing in the local area has approached the school to seek enrolment, and in instances where the student is residing which a parent or DIBP approved relative.

Schools seeking to perform any one of the above functions will require level 2 accreditation.

Level 2 accreditation

In the following instances, Victorian government primary and secondary schools require level 2 accreditation if the school performs or intends to perform any one of the following functions:

  • The school actively markets and promotes the program or recruits international students as part of the Department's CRICOS registration – 00861K.
  • The school provides homestay accommodation and welfare services to international students under a Department approved confirmation of appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements.

Level 2 accreditation usually applies to secondary schools who are seeking to establish and grow an International Student Program and provide homestay and welfare services to international students holding a subclass 500 Student - Schools visa. Accordingly, there is greater level of responsibility for both the Department and schools in the provision of these services to international students.

Level 2 accreditation subsumes level 1 accreditation, given the additional services being provided to international students and the greater level of responsibility exercised by Level 2 accredited schools.

Schools seeking accreditation can refer to the guide and accreditation document templates below.

School accreditation documents