International student program

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Schools that host international students see deep cultural enrichment, language learning and global perspectives introduced to their classrooms, enabling local students to develop the skills vital to succeeding in an increasingly interconnected world and workforce.

Enrolling international students

The Department is the Commonwealth registered education provider for all educational services delivered to international students in Victorian government schools in accordance with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000. 

Over 260 Victorian government primary and secondary schools are accredited to deliver high-quality educational services to fee-paying international students. 

Fee-paying international students are required to enrol through the Department's International Education Division. 

For more information, see: Victorian Government Schools International Student Program

International student fees

Whether a student is a fee-paying international student depends on the type of visa they hold

For more information, see: International Student Program School Accreditation​

School accreditation

Schools that teach international students must meet certain standards and accreditation levels. We run an accreditation, quality and review system to make sure international students receive quality education and care.

Schools must be accredited to teach international students who are fee paying and hold a subclass 500 Student - Schools visa.

Schools do not need to be accredited to teach temporary residents on other visas.​

For more information, see: International Student Program School Accreditation