International students

​Schools that choose to host international students find great benefit from the cultural enrichment and global perspectives that these students bring to classroom discussions and school life.

Accreditation and enrolment

Schools must be accredited to teach some international students, depending on what visa they hold. Different visas also have different enrolment procedures.

For more information, see: Fees, enrolment and accreditation

Quality standards

All schools who teach international students must meet quality standards. The standards make sure schools provide high-quality services and comply with national codes of practice.

For more information, see: Quality standards

International student coordinators

Schools who host international students must appoint an international student coordinator. This person becomes the primary contact between the student, parents, school, Department and homestay families.

For training and development, see: Training for international student coordinators

Intensive English guide

This guide provides useful information to schools on how to deliver language programs to international students. It includes:

  • guidelines
  • practice advice to ESL and mainstream teachers
  • program planning and implementation.

 Intensive English language program guide (docx - 446.54kb)