Inclusion boost funding

​​​I​​n term 3, 2018 all Victorian government schools received $4,800 in inclusion boost funding. The funding is to help refresh inclusive education policies and practices. 

The inclusion boost will help schools embed the Education for all policy. The policy articulates our expectations and vision for inclusive education for students with disabilities and additional needs.​

​What schools​ need to do

Schools need to complete three steps to implement the Inclusion Boost. The steps are to strengthen and refresh inclusive education policies, and identify opportunities for practice improvements:

  1. Review legal obligations awareness.
  2. Develop or refresh your school’s public policy for inclusion and diversity.
  3. Use a suite of resources to put Victoria’s SHARE principles for inclusive education into practice.

For guidance on completing these steps, see:

Inclusion boost guidance and appendix

How schools can use the funding

Funding may be used for: 

  • special payment to a staff member to lead the three-step process
  • casual relief teaching (CRT) release for planning or implementation time 
  • CRT release to complete professional learning offered at a local and regional level (including Department-delivered professional development)
  • costs incurred for consultation on and promotion of your school’s inclusive education policies and practices.

Get advice​​

For informati​on on the Education for all policy and inclusive education initiatives, email