ASD friendly environments

No single approach will meet the needs of all children and young people and flexible, targeted approaches in supportive learning environments are required.

Essential elements that guide these include:

  • strong leadership
  • establishing and maintaining a culture of inclusion for all students
  • staff with specific and up-to-date knowledge about the learning and support needs of students on the autism spectrum
  • effective communication between all staff working with a child or young person on the autism spectrum within a culture of team planning a positive learning environment where students are comfortable and ready to learn
  • innovative and individualised methods of adapting the curriculum, building on student strengths and interests
  • social skills learning programs information sharing between early childhood staff, teachers and parents, home and early childhood settings and schools
  • support for children and young people on the autism spectrum to participate in and contribute to their community.​

For more information and support materials, see Support materials.