@education email address: Additional information for schools

Specific school advice for the migration to the new @education email addresses is outlined below

The change of email address is a direct response for simplifying email addressing across the Department, aligning email addresses with industry standards.

The upgrade to Exchange Online (or o365 Cloud Services) is also a direct response in addressing teacher and staff needs for increased mailbox, increased attachment size limits and increased online email security.

Below is some key information that can help school leaders manage the migration effectively.

For general information about the migration, see: Understanding your @education email address

Preparing for the migration

For the most part, schools are in a 'ready state' for upgrade and migration. All current active accounts attached to your school will be migrated in one batch. This will include:

  • School account
  • School Campus accounts (if school is a multi-campus school)
  • School Council President account
  • CRT and other casual employed staff
  • All staff who are on any form of leave (sick leave, annual leave, long service leave, leave without pay etc.)
  • Staff on secondment to another school (or corporate/regional office), but are still listed in eduPay (eduMail) as being attached to your school.

All school distribution lists will also be automatically updated.

Migration dates

Schools are welcome to opt into an early adopters program. The early adopter's nomination is opened for a short time and requires approval by school principal. To opt-in, sign up your school

Schools not able to participate in early adopters phase will be contacted commencing early April to schedule their school for migration.

Ensure your staff data is up-to-date

It is important that we only include active employees within your school for migration. Throughout the year, schools may engage casual staff such as Causal Relief Teachers, Casual Education Support Staff and other support staff. By default, all email accounts are aligned with records in eduPay and these staff are removed after a period of inactively at your school.

To ensure we only migrate active staff for your school, please:

Review your staff list in eduPay

Identify any CRT, casual or contracting staff who are not and will not be engaged at your school in Term 1.

Close off their eduPay record with:

  • Action: Termination
  • Reason: Inactive Casual.

On board any new staff to eduPay who have recently joined your school.

Failing to review and close off any inactive staff may result in disruption to staff account should they be physically working at another school which is not migrating on the same day that your school is migrating. This will not only disrupt staff, but also School Technical and other technical staff.

Recommendations for schools using Adobe products

Schools with staff using Adobe products are encouraged to Opt In early to avoid issues with upcoming changes to Adobe licencing model.

Adobe has changed the licencing model from "licence key" to "Named User Licencing" (NUL).  Licence keys will not work with Adobe CC 2019 onwards, with current Adobe CC 2018 licence key set to expire on 30 April 2020.

We encourage all schools whose staff are use Adobe CC 2018 or MacOS (pre-Catalina) to expedite their  migrate so that staff can proceed with installation of Adobe CC 2019 which will require staff registration using their new email address firstname.surname@education.vic.gov.au

Changes to the school email address

We understand that the school email account is pivotal to schools operations.

The former schools email address will continue as a secondary address attached to the school email profile. This will allow your school account to continue to receive any email sent to it.

Each school account will be issued with a new email address. The address will simply replace the @edumail.vic.gov.au with @education.vic.gov.au.

Account management will be allocated to the school principal who will be able to delegate access as required.

Email addresses for new staff

We are working towards provisioning all new staff with @education accounts, however in the short term all new staff will be provisioned with a @edumail account. All new staff will be migrated as part of their school migration and will be communicated of migration along with their school colleagues.

Specialist information for school technicians

Split migrations

Under exceptional circumstance we may be able to facilitate a split migration, were part of school is migrated over 2 or more days.

Request for split migration can be made directly to education.mail@education.vic.gov.au and must be substantiated and supported by school principal.

POP3 and IMAP settings

IMAP and POP continues to be available until 13 October 2020, through EOL support from Microsoft.

It is recommended that technicians seek alternatives as IMAP and POP protocols will not be able to use Basic Authentication when connecting to Office 365 mailboxes or endpoints after this date.

Additional advice for Android users

To set up Office apps and email on Android, read: Set up Office apps and email on Android