Student Support Services

​Student support services assist children and young people faced with learning barri​​ers to achieve their educational and developmental potential. They provide strategies and specialised support at individual, group, school and area levels. ​

The role of student support services

Student support services comprise a broad range of professionals including psychologists, speech pathologists and social workers.

They work as part of an integrated health and wellbeing team within networks of schools, focusing on providing group-based and individual support, workforce capacity building and the provision of specialised services.

Student support services are embedded in area-based multi-disciplinary teams to:​

  • support the delivery of quality universal services for all students, with extra effort directed to ensuring education and health and wellbeing services are accessible to, and inclusive of, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  • target the delivery of individual support services to those who require specialised expertise, assessment and intervention in order to overcome barriers to learning develop the capability of schools to design health, learning, development and wellbeing strategies that focus on improving education and health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • collaborate with multidisciplinary professional practice teams and build partnerships with community services to meet the needs of schools and students and their health, wellbeing and learning goals.
  • respond to critical incidents involving students, staff and school communities. 

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