Healthy Canteen Kit

​​​​The Healthy Canteen Kit is a resource to assist schools to develop healthy canteens and other food services.


Healthy Canteen Kit – School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy (pdf - 578.58kb) − information about building a school culture in which students actively choose nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle.

School Confectionery Guidelines − guidelines outlining what foods are considered to be confectionery and advice for implementation.

Food planner

Healthy Canteen Kit – Food Planner (pdf - 2.07mb) − assists schools and canteens to make appropriate healthy food choices.

This document may be downloaded in sections:

Getting Started

Healthy Canteen Kit – Getting Started (pdf - 1.33mb) − provides advice about how to establish a healthy school food service. It includes healthy fundraising ideas, frequently asked questions, a sample canteen policy and school case studies.

This document may be downloaded in sections:

Canteen Manual

Healthy Canteen Kit – Canteen Manual (pdf - 3.08mb) − is a practical resource for canteen managers and school personnel to assist with the management and day-to-day running of the school canteen.

This document may be downloaded in sections:

Student learning curriculum

Healthy Canteen Kit – Student Learning Activities (pdf - 2.03mb) − provides a suite of learning activities for each of the six levels of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) for Years Prep to 10.

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At a glance food planner (pdf - 797.38kb) − provides a quick reference in poster form to assist with healthy food choices.

Promoting healthy eating (pdf - 2.39mb) − a poster to promote healthy food choices to students.

More information

For more information about healthy eating and physical activity visit: Information for Professionals