Swimming in Schools in 2022

Funding has been secured to extend Swimming and Water Safety Education until 2024.

Funding for Swimming and Water Safety Education has been secured until 2024, continuing the delivery and improvement of swimming and water safety education in Victorian government and Catholic primary schools.

The funding, part of the Victorian Budget 2021-22, comprises of $55.2 million over four years and includes: 

  • $52.7 million to continue the delivery of swimming and water safety education in Victorian schools for the 2022-24 calendar years, a significant increase in the funding contribution from 2021 levels
  • $2.5 million for the continuation of the Public Water Safety Initiative, supporting Life Saving Victoria (LSV) to continue to provide tools and direct support to schools and swimming providers to deliver quality swimming and water safety programs.

In addition to this, the Budget included funding for the cost of transport to aquatic facilities for Victorian government school students undertaking swimming and water safety programs.

School funding

As a Targeted Initiative, Swimming in Schools funding is provided to every Victorian primary, specialist, and English language school through the Student Resource Package (SRP) to contribute to the cost of delivering swimming and water safety education programs.

To inform the Department's financial support for and the delivery of swimming and water safety programs, schools are asked to apply the new CASES21 attendance code to all students, across all year levels, who are participating in swimming and water safety programs.

The new code is 620: Swimming and Water Safety Program.

Swimming and water safety programs

Resources are available for guidance on developing a swimming and water safety program that meets the Victorian F-10 Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

The Department developed these resources in partnership with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and Life Saving Victoria:

Find out more

For enquiries relating to Swimming in Schools, contact Liz White, Statewide Swimming Coordinator, Targeted School Services Unit:

  • phone: 03 4334 0523
  • email: school.swimming@education.vic.gov.au

For enquiries relating to the curriculum, contact Dr Rachael Whittle, Curriculum Manager – Health and Physical Education, VCAA:

  • phone: 03 9059 5156
  • email: Rachael.Whittle@education.vic.gov.au

For enquiries relating to school budgets and guidance and support in managing school finances, contact the Schools Financial Management Support team:

  • phone: 03 7022 2222
  • email: schools.finance.support@education.vic.gov.au