Premiers' Reading Challenge 2021 now open

Information and resources for teachers about this year’s challenge

To promote the importance of reading for literacy development, the challenge encourages students from Prep to Year 10 to read and record their efforts online.

This year, students have until Friday 17 September to read the set number of books for their year level, including from more than 12,000 titles on the challenge reading list. Students who meet the challenge will receive a certificate of achievement. 

 Since it started in 2005, more than three million children and students have read more than 51 million books as part of the challenge. This year’s theme is Open Up a New World. 

How to get your class participating in the challenge 

To participate in the challenge, teachers should refer to the setting up the challenge page on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website. 

The page steps out how to log in to the challenge application and how to tailor the challenge to help teachers achieve teaching and learning goals. 

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge website also has challenge resources including: 

  • certificates that can be edited to reward students as they progress through the challenge
  • top tips from challenge coordinators on promoting the challenge and motivating students to read.

Find out more 

For more information, refer to the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website

For further enquires, contact the Premiers’ Reading Challenge team by email: