Become a mentor for new teachers

Enhance your mentoring skills and support new teachers to achieve full registration


Experienced and fully registered teachers are invited to register for a free, two-day online training program to enhance their mentoring skills in support of new teachers. 

Developed by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) and the Department, the Effective Mentoring Program has received consistently positive feedback from previous participants. 

In particular, the workshop sessions and associated course materials have proven valuable in helping participants: 

  • access up-to-date information
  • build their mentoring skills
  • support new teachers in achieving full registration. 

Teachers who complete the program are able to participate in their school-based workplace recommendation panels, which determine if graduate teachers are ready to achieve full registration. 

In 2021, the programs for teachers and early childhood services are being combined to give mentors from each sector the valuable chance to work together and learn from each other.

What the program involves 

Over two full days, participants will come together online to explore the practice of mentoring and how it can support new teachers. 

Through the program, participants will deepen understanding of the VIT registration process, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and the Mentoring Capability Framework, which explains how to create highly effective mentoring experiences. 

Before and after each of the workshop days, participants need to complete pre-reading and some activities. 

Program details 

Dates: ongoing. Teachers should leave at least one month between days one and two of the program when they select their dates, to allow time to try mentoring skills and review progress. To be considered a VIT-trained mentor, teachers must attend both days of the program. 

Time: two full days. 

Platform: online in Term 2. Face-to-face seminars may resume in Term 3 if permitted. 

Cost: free. 

 To register, refer to Effective Mentoring Program on the VIT website. 

Refresher program for teachers who have completed the program 

One-day refresher programs are available for mentors who completed the Effective Mentoring Program before 2019. 

The refresher program covers the latest information on the VIT registration process, the APST and the Mentoring Capability Framework as key supports for mentors and mentees. 

Find out more 

For further enquires, contact the Teacher Professional Practice Unit