Victorian Deaf Education Institute Classroom Acoustics webinar

Learn about the impact of classroom noise on learning outcomes in this webinar presented by Hearing Australia

Noise levels in classrooms can impact students' ability to hear and process information.

In this live webinar from the Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI), Carina Patterson, Paediatric Audiologist, Hearing Australia, explores the impact of classroom acoustics on learning outcomes for all students, including those students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The free webinar is part of the VDEI Professional Learning Program to support inclusive teaching practice.

Participants will:

  • gain an overview of typical classroom acoustics and their impacts
  • examine the recommended acceptable noise levels for classrooms
  • learn how to conduct a classroom noise measurement using the SoundOut App
  • explore different treatments to reduce classroom noise levels
  • understand some of the tools that can be used to strengthen classroom accessibility.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 9 June

Time: 4pm – 5pm

Platform: online

Cost: fully subsidised.

Register on the Classroom Acoustics page on the VDEI website. Registrations close 1pm, Monday 7 June.

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