Numeracy leader area workshops

Join a workshop in your area to develop mathematics learning and teaching at your school

A Numeracy leader area workshop will be held in each area across Victoria from Wednesday 26 May. 

Facilitated by Monash University mathematics specialists, the workshop is designed for primary and secondary teachers who are driving improvement in numeracy at their schools. This includes numeracy leaders, learning specialists, maths specialists and maths coordinators.

The full-day online workshop will provide opportunities to build teaching strategies that improve student understanding and teacher assessment of mathematical fluency, problem solving, and reasoning.

Participants will:

  • make connections between 21st century skills and mathematic proficiencies
  • investigate mathematical tasks and gain strategies to assess students understanding and reasoning skills 
  • discuss strategies for improving mathematics dispositions and leading effective professional learning within schools. 

The workshop includes a range of presentations, break-out room discussions and collaborative tasks. 

Pre-workshop activities and support materials that will take about two hours to complete will be provided ahead of the workshops.  

Event details

Dates: late May – mid August

Time: full day

Platform: online

Cost: fully subsidised by the Department.

To view workshop dates for your area and to register, refer to the Numeracy leader area workshops web page on the Bastow website.

Find out more

For further enquires, contact the Course Provision – Numeracy team by email: