Graduate Teacher Conferences

Building the capability of first and second-year graduate teachers

Registrations are now open for the Graduate Teacher Conferences (GTCs) for first and second-year graduate teachers, which will be held online in Term 3.

This year, the GTCs will specifically include second-year graduate teachers in the conference program, separate to conferences for first-year graduate teachers.

There are now two GTCs in each area — one full-day conference for first-year graduate teachers and a separate half-day conference for second-year graduate teachers.

The GTCs provide an opportunity for graduate teachers to connect with peers and experienced educators to address current practice challenges and share professional practice and successes.

Enhancing teacher and student wellbeing will be a focus this year, given recent challenges with remote and flexible learning and adjusting to the return to on-site learning.

Second-year graduate teachers will also explore professional relationships in and out of the classroom, as well as student voice, agency and leadership.

What to expect at the conferences?

The GTCs were created to build the professional capability, identity and wellbeing of graduate teachers and foster networks at area level through targeted professional learning events.

First and second-year graduate teachers who participate will:

  • engage in professional learning with peers and experienced educators
  • address issues of relevance in professional practice and wellbeing
  • engage with current theory, practice and guidance on effective teaching practices, wellbeing, and Department initiatives
  • share insights and resources
  • build local area professional networks.

First-year graduate teachers are encouraged to attend one local area full-day conference in Term 3.

Second-year graduate teachers are encouraged to attend one local area half-day conference in Term 3.

Course details

The GTCs will be delivered in all areas throughout Term 3.

To register, refer to Graduate teacher conferences.

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For more information, refer to Graduate teacher conferences.

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