Celebrating Education Week

Education Week, this week, explores the theme: `Building Connections'. In this article, we celebrate schools doing just this

Education Week runs from Sunday 23 to Saturday 29 May and explores the theme: `Building Connections'.

In this article, we highlight some of the many outstanding examples of how schools are building connections with their communities.

Teachers can read the full articles, and more stories celebrating Education Week 2021, on the department's website.

Building connections through art

Beeac Primary School students have turned their passion for art and the environment into a project that has been embraced by the whole community.

Through a Creative Learning Partnership Program, students joined artist Peter Day to create brolga statues to teach the community about the bird.

The work was displayed in local galleries and at an open day, and students have since presented it to three different schools and to more than 200 students at Melbourne Zoo.

Promoting intercultural connections

Celebrating cultural diversity is a whole-school event at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.

Students, parents, and staff showcase their cultural identity on Cultural Connectionz days, which are planned, co-ordinated and led by students.

This celebration of diversity gives students the opportunity to experience other cultures first-hand, through food, storytelling, dance, singing and musical performances.

Supporting multicultural communities

More than 34 languages are spoken at Collingwood College, and many of the school's 823 students have only recently arrived in Australia.

To build stronger connections with students and families of African backgrounds, three Community Liaison Officers joined the school's wellbeing team in 2020.

The officers are helping young people from all cultural backgrounds feel welcome, supported, and connected.

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For more information on Education Week, refer to the Education Week 2021 web page on the Department's website.

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