Supporting parents to continue education at home

​​​​​A new literacy and numeracy resource ​for parents of children aged 0-12 can help to keep learning moving forward at home.​

Research shows that families are the most significant influence on their children's learning, development, health, safety and wellbeing.

A new resource is available for parents and carers so they can support the development of their children's literacy and numeracy. Literacy and Numeracy Tips to Help your Child Every Day provides families with fun, inexpensive, accessible and practical ways to help children develop the literacy and numeracy skills they need in life, in preparation for school and to keep them progressing until the end of Year 6.

What's included​​ in the handbook

Teachers may remember an earlier version of this resource called 201 Literacy and Maths Tips to Help Your Child. This revised and updated version has been expanded with more tips, a clearer explanation of why literacy and numeracy is so important for children's development, and an emphasis on how parents can using the tips and suggestions from birth.

The resource has also been updated for the way we live now, including information on digital literacy. Throughout, it reflects research that shows that it's never too early for children to start developing their literacy and numeracy.

Building foundational literacy skills

There are tips, lessons and resources to help parents teach their children to speak, read, write and listen effectively and support the work teachers are doing in the classroom.

Opportunities to explore practical numeracy activities

Using games and practical exercises, parents can help develop their children's numeracy skills from the early years up to the end of their primary school.​

Supporting your teaching in the classroom at home

The resource emphasises creating a literacy-rich home and using online maths resources outside of school time. This can be the perfect counterpoint to support your work in the classroom, giving parents the tools they need to work with their children at home.

To read and download the resource, see: Liter​acy and Numeracy Tips to Help your Child Every Day