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​​In the final year of the ANZAC centenary, Victorian students are invited to reflect their history through this annual art competition and use cross-curriculum skills from Bisual Arts, History and Civics and citizenship. 

The Anzac Centenary commemorates the 100 years since the end of World War I and the lives of Australian service men and women who served.

To assist teachers to explore this turbulent time in global history and the impact it has had on Australia, the annual Remembrance Day Poster Competition invites students from across the country to submit original entries that best capture the theme and reflect on the missions and stories from that time.

Combine your students' skills in Visual Arts, History and Civics and citizenship

The poster competition asks students to develop an original, portrait-oriented entry that demonstrates a good understanding of the theme, "helping and healing."

The theme analyses the role taken by service men and women who helped those injured during the war and peacekeeping operations.

Inspiration may be taken by reflecting on the work of the medical corps of the era, volunteers, service personnel on peacekeeping operations or individual stories or experiences in line with the theme.

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Lessons plans

The Shrine of Remembrance has developed a lesson plan for students in Years 1-6 for two 60-minute lessons, including details an introduction to the topic, clear links and elaborations expected from the Victorian Curriculum F-10 for these year levels.

Exploring the theory behind the theme and the topic

The first 60-minute lessons explores the competition, what is expected of students and what learning outcomes can be developed from the activity.

With three activities, the suggested plan introduces students to symbols, the purpose and intent behind a poster and design brief that details exactly what is expected at the end of these two lessons.

Deliverables and deadlines

Artworks must be no larger than A3 and portrait-orientated, not landscape. Submissions should avoid fluorescent colours.

Entries must also include an artist's statement or poem about the artwork to support your entry. For a collaborative class entry of one artwork, the class should complete the artist's statement or poem together.

To enter, schools must complete an entry form and attached a completed copy to the front of each entry in the competition. Entries should be placed flat between two pieces of heavy cardboard, not rolled and delivered by post or by hand to the Shrine of Remembrance.

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Submissions are due by Tuesday 9 October