Crafting creativity with Minecraft

​Minecraft: Education Edition is now available for all Victorian government schools.

Victoria is the largest educational jurisdiction in the world to provide every government school student with access to Minecraft: Education Edition thanks to the new licensing agreement between the Victorian Government and Microsoft.

Immerse your students in practical problem solving

The classroom version of the hugely popular game Minecraft, the Education Edition has been specifically created to immerse students in various Minecraft world's to promote creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration between students.

Providing a safe, shared learning environment within a class or school, the education edition of Minecraft is tailored to foster collaboration. Students will engage in virtual learning experiences that directly link and expand on the subjects being taught in the classroom.

Teachers can also use the program to engage students, meet their learning needs and build their skills around a particular subject such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), history, geography or coding.

Your school technician has been provided with advice on how to access the program in your school, which is now available through the eduSTAR Software Catalogue.

Develop your skills and craft your own lessons for this resource

My Minecraft Journey: An introdu​ction to the Education Edition

My Minecraft Journey is an introductory course for anyone wanting to learn how to use Minecraft: Education Edition. The course includes ten lessons that walk you through how to get started using Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom. This comprehensive course is perfect for anyone ready to start using Minecraft: EE in their classroom.

Leveraging Minecraft: Education E​dition as a vehicle for learning

There are many reasons why educators choose to use Minecraft: Education Edition in their classrooms – to provide students with an engaging activity, a tool to map lessons to specific learning outcomes, and to support students to build 21st century skills and coding skills.

For supporting resources and implementation tips for your class, see:

Professional development: Minecraft Teacher Starter Academy

Victorian government school teachers and education support staff can now register for professional development to support them to integrate this tool into their classes.

The Minecraft Teacher Starter Academy is a one day workshop for teachers to engage in immersive learning activities that will build a strong understanding of how Minecraft: Education Edition can improve instruction and meet the learning needs of students. To find dates and locations across Victoria, go to the registration page.

Supporting FISO Priorities: Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Positive Climate for learning

With high-level expertise from Australia and around the world to support teachers in implementing this tool into their classrooms, programs such as Minecraft: Education Edition are building the capacity of teachers and students to learn and work in the 21st century. These programs provide collaborative opportunities for both teachers and students to work together to learn and teach in new ways. Supported by hundreds of lesson ideas already online, linked to curriculum standards from around the globe, Victorian teachers will be planning and assessing student learning in new and engaging ways that are relevant to their needs.

For more information about this priority, see: